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QuikScape Terms of Service. Revised 28 February 2013.
Rules are subject to change. Users are responsible for keeping up-to-date knowledge on the rules and advisories. It is recommended that users review these rules before every time he/she uses the QuikScape Forums so as to be informed of possible amendments to the rules.

Section A: Definitions
  • User: Any entity that registers for an account on the forums located at <> and agrees to the Terms of Service.
  • Content: Any thread, post, message, or other user-posted information, including information in user profiles.
  • SPAM: Any message(s) that do not contribute to a specific idea specified by the rules posted in each forum. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising, impersonating QuikScape or Jagex staff, messages that have no obvious subject or purpose, or messages containing explicit or otherwise offensive content.
  • Robot: A computer, program, or other electronic device or software designed to impersonate an individual when registering and/or posting.

Section B: General Advisories
  • QuikScape reserves the right to remove or cancel any content on the QuikScape forums at any time.
  • QuikScape reserves the right to ban, suspend, or otherwise cancel any user account at any time without notice.
  • Any user found to be less than thirteen (13) years of age will have their account immediately canceled.
  • Any user found sharing or selling accounts registered on the QuikScape forums will be immediately banned.
  • Spamming will result in a temporary or permanent ban based on the severity of the infringement.
  • Temporary bans normally last for 30 days, however, this may change depending on several factors.
  • Repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban.
  • You agree that you are not a robot (as defined above).
  • Users are solely responsible for securing passwords and keeping others from access to their account.
  • QuikScape is not liable for any material posted by users. If we see content that violates the Terms of Service, we will promptly remove it. However, we cannot prevent users from posting such content.

Section C: Rules
  1. By registering, you are agreeing that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age or older.
  2. Spam is not tolerated on this forum. If you have come here to spam, LEAVE NOW. This is your warning.
  3. You may not use our services to abuse, harass, or otherwise flame another user, regardless of your or his/her status.
  4. Advertising third party websites or promoting the sales of goods or services of third party websites is not accepted.
  5. No real world trading, encouraging others to break RuneScape rules, password/item scamming, or impersonating Jagex or QuikScape staff.
  6. Offensive usernames and cussing are not allowed. Avoiding the censor is just as bad as cussing.
  7. Posting or linking to explicit or suggestive content is not tolerated.
  8. Discussion of illegal activities or ways of thwarting website security is strictly prohibited.
  9. All users must abide by California state laws and United States federal laws.

By registering, you agree to abide to the rules and advisories established above.

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