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RuneScape Quest Guides

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Free Quests

These guides are for free players. In other words, if you are not paying a RuneScape membership fee, these are the quests you can do.

Members Quests

These guides are for members. Members pay a monthly fee (roughly $7.95 USD) to Jagex Ltd. in order to access these quests.

Help us out!

You can submit a quest guide on the forums here or via the contact us page. Be sure to include the quest name, details on what items are needed or recommended, the rewards, and the walkthrough itself. If we find your guide meets our standards and there is no guide for the quest already, it will be posted and you will receive credit.

Please note: Submitting guides copied from other RuneScape help sites is unlawful and will not be tolerated. Guides that are found to be plagiarized will not be accepted. Note that all guides may be subject to grammatical editing and, once submitted, are the sole property of QuikScape.